Lil’ Sho – The Greatest Sho On Earth


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01. DJ Bull Intro
02. Greatest Sho On Earth (Featuring Chalie Boy)
03. What Is It (Featuring Bubba Luv & Da Ryno)
04. U Don’t Know Me (Featuring Mr. Perfect & Big Ake)
05. Roll Call (Featuring Da Ryno & Bubba Luv)
06. Go (Featuring Big Ake & Chalie Boy)
07. Come F*ck With Me (Featuring Chalie Boy & Sir Coop)
08. How We Do (Featuring Chalie Boy & Da Ryno)
09. Beef (Featuring Mr. Perfect)
10. Lean On Dat N…. (Featuring Big Roy & Conan)
11. I’m The Best (Featuring Big Ake)
12. Throw It Up (Featuring Magno & Sir Coop)
13. Keep Ya Head Up (Featuring Mr. Perfect)
14. I’m Gettin’ Close (Featuring Sir Coop)
15. A Boss (Featuring Chalie Boy, Sir Coop & Da Ryno)
16. Wanna Ride (Featuring Big Redd & Big Ake)
17. Can’t Fade Me (Featuring Sir Coop, Chalie Boy, Big Ake & Tum Tum)
18. It’s A Dirty 3rd N…. [Bonus Track] (Featuring Chalie Boy, Da Ryno & More)